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Title: Tea For Two
Author: [ profile] sarahyyy   
Rating: PG-13
Character/Pairing: Yusuf/Ariadne (with mentions of Arthur/Eames)
Word Count: 600 
Summary: "You’re trying to buy my affections with free coffee."
Disclaimer: Do not own. =(
A/N: For [ profile] aredblush who requested "hot tea on a rainy day + Yusuf/Ariadne" from my Christmas Drabbles post.
A/N 2: This is a companion drabble for the Ice Cream Parlour AU I am writing. =D

When Arthur tells Ariadne that Yusuf’s face lights up every time she walks into his coffee shop, Ariadne scoffs and tells him that if he wants to get her out of the ice cream parlour so that he can make moony eyes at Eames without her around to tease him, he has to try harder.
But Arthur gives her his most withering I sign your paycheck every month look so she picks up her scarf and an umbrella from the backroom and leaves the shop, waving at Eames as he comes into the ice cream parlour, and heads for Yusuf’s coffee shop.
Arthur is demented; Yusuf’s face does not light up whenever she walks into his shop. She would have noticed!
Ariadne scowls at the handle of Yusuf’s front door and wonders briefly if she should just make her way to Saito’s Japanese restaurant two blocks away instead for a quick bite before she decides that it is raining, she is cold, she can really do with a cup of hot tea and that Arthur and his dementedness cannot stop her from liking Yusuf’s peppermint tea.
If she busies herself with her umbrella when Yusuf greets her, it’s because it’s Arthur’s umbrella and if she spoils it, he’s going to dock it off her pay, not because she doesn’t want to know if Yusuf’s face really lights up when she comes in. Honest.
“The usual?” Yusuf asks when she has finally wrestled the umbrella shut.
Ariadne frowns. “I don’t have a usual.”
Yusuf grins. “You think you don’t. There is a significant difference there.”
Ariadne gives Yusuf a look.
Yusuf just rolls his eyes. “If you come in before the ice cream parlour opens, you get a black coffee with no sugar. If you come in before lunch on a weekday, you get a hazelnut latte; if it’s a weekend, you get Vietnamese coffee. If you come in directly after lunch, you want mango tea. If you come in around three in the afternoon, you get an éclair and the daily roast. If you come in when it’s raining, you get peppermint tea. So, will your usual do?” He is grinning at her, hands already reaching for a satchel of peppermint tea.
Ariadne nods, feeling a little more than gobsmacked. “Why do you… Why do you remember these things?”
Yusuf shrugs but he doesn’t meet her eyes. Ariadne is hit with a sudden epiphany.
“Yusuf,” she starts, fingers gripping the counter hard, “do you like me?”
Yusuf’s face flushes up slightly but he keeps his hands steady even as he pours honey into her tea. “Everybody likes you,” he says neutrally.
“No, Yusuf,” Ariadne groans. “Do you like me like me? Does your face light up when I come in?”
Yusuf is silent for awhile, fiddling with the tea. When he turns back to pass her the cup of peppermint tea, his face is hard with determination. “Yes.”
“Yes,” Ariadne parrots.
Yusuf nods. “Yes, I like you like you.”
“You like me like me.”
“Yes,” Yusuf replies. “And my face lights up when you come in, I think? Or at least Arthur’s mentioned it before.”
“That’s why I get all the free coffee and stuff,” Ariadne says, her grip on her cup of tea tightening. “You like me.”
Yusuf gives her a sheepish look.
“You’re trying to buy my affections with free coffee,” Ariadne says, trying to sound stern but failing because she is grinning so wide it’s threatening to split her face.
Yusuf laughs. “Is it working?”
Ariadne beams at him and leans forward to press her lips against his. 

Date: 2011-12-20 10:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Lovely! You have had such a productive day!

Date: 2011-12-21 12:31 am (UTC)
ext_270953: (Default)
From: [identity profile]
AWWWW! Flashbacks to 5th grade with the whole “No, Yusuf,” Ariadne groans. “Do you like me like me? ” I used to do the same exact thing, though. 'd be all, "Yeah, I like him. Everybody likes him. >_>"

This fic was so great and I identified with it on all levels. Not only do I love coffee and hate that coldness from the rain, I would definitely consider free coffee as a part of a courtship. ♥

Date: 2011-12-27 01:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Omg, this is so adorable! I love it to pieces ,bb! :D The dialogue is just so ridiculously cute, I am completely smitten with it (and the whole 'verse, to be fair)

Thank you so much for writing this for me *hugs you tightest* Hope your holidays are full of joy <333

p.s. sorry it took me so long to reply! I have been crazy busy :(((


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