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Title: All For Love
Author: [ profile] sarahyyy
Beta: [profile] strawberrimelon
Rating: PG-13 (for some very imaginative suidical thoughts XD)
Pairing(s): Lily/James, Narcissa/OC is you squint
Word Count: 1052
A/N: This one is longer than the rest, woo hoo! I can't believe I've never written Lily/James prior to this since they're one of my favourite canon couples. =D



Can you bear to let such a promising young man die because he lacks love? )
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I was reading through some Merlin/Arthur communities when I saw the microfics. Basically, here they are "fics" that are made up of 10 15 words or less. Authors are encouraged to try out 10 different genres. I tried Lucius/Narcissa out in 10 different situations. In the end, I managed only 8 microfics and the other 2 turned themselves into drabbles (but coincidentally have the same word count). =D


Title: A Lifetime of Loving You
Author: sarahyyy

Pairings: Lucius/Narcissa, (slight) Lucius/Bellatrix
Word Count: 8 x 15, 2 x 138
Disclaimer: I do not own any recognisable characters (i.e. Lucius, Narcissa, Bellatrix, Draco and etc.) and do not make any money out of this.
A/N: Some angst. Some darkness. Some unrequited love. Some arranged marriage.


1) Angst


He would do anything to have her. Even if it meant taking the Dark Mark.



A lifetime of loving you... )
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Title: 'Tis The Season to be Jolly!
Author: [personal profile] sarahyyy
Ship(s): NONE. Malfoy gen fic
Disclaimer: No.
For: [ profile] happyville who gave me the prompt of "the malfoy family being happy on christmas eve". My muse spoke and this turned out to be longer than I originally planned. XD Hope it's to your liking!
Word count: 1095



Read more... )

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Title: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Author: [ profile] sarahyyy
Ship(s): Severus/Narcissa
Disclaimer: No.
For: [ profile] returnofthegazewho gave me the prompt of "christmas-tree decorating". Hope it's to your liking!
Word count: 275


This year, she would be happy. )-----

Alright. I have about four more coming up. Has to go through the almighty [ profile] strawberrimelon first, like this one has. Without her, this would be filled with mistakes.
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Title: Hugs
Author: [personal profile] sarahyyy
Claim: Scorpius Malfoy on [profile] 30_children
Ships: Obvious Rose/Scorpius, quite anti-Draco/Astoria. No hints of Dramione at all, don't worry.
Disclaimer: Meh. Do not own.
A/N: Sorry for taking so long! 

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Because [profile] slyferrethas been so nice and wonderful about my personalised icons *points to icon*, I decided to write her a drabble with a pairing of her choice. And she chose Lucius/Narcissa. 

Now I would like to add that I've never written anything out of Scorose, Dramione and Fremione before, so I have no idea how I did with this drabble. Hope I actually achieved my usual crazy-humour style rather than having a you readers go "what the...?". =D

Without further delay...

Author: [personal profile] sarahyyy
Title: L Is For The Way You Look At Me
Beta: [profile] strawberrimelon
Rating: All
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lucius/Narcissa



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