Dec. 21st, 2011 08:19 pm
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YOU GUYS! It's Christmas in 4 days! How in the world did time pass so fast? 

I'm going to be in Myanmar for the next few days and so far the tour guide has been shady about internet access so I don't have much hopes on that. So, in the event that I don't see you guys before Christmas again...

And uh, to the people who I still owe drabbles to, I'm sorry, but they're going to be late! D: I'm posting hopefully two ficlets later, but even then there's still quite a few to go, so. >.< You can all whack me, I promise I won't call for help. Also, since your ficlets will be coming after Christmas, if you requested something Christmassy and want to change your prompts or something, I'm totally fine with it. Have a gif spam first, yes?

Summary of my Christmas. )

ETA: Also, I have a Dreamwidth account now in case fandom is migrating. >.< Add me if you have one and teach me how to feel not so lost there?
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Okay. I'm going to finish writing that Horoscope Writer!Eames piece that I have been procrastinating on for forever by the end of this month, even if it kills me. Help to give some of your opinion if you don't mind, bbs! =D[Poll #1772977]

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Have a gif for your effort.

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[profile] stardustii  for [profile] stardustii



Bad Day: Not Really

* You have no idea how I had to practically drag myself out of my stupid Writer's Block (yes, it's big, that's why I capitalized it) for this. It's been on my desktop for so long I couldn't really make you wait. =D

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Finally, the last of drabbles from my drabble meme. This one is slightly longer because I simply couldn't cut this short. And to be honest, I'm planning for this to be trilogy too. So how could I fit in 100 words? =D

Come on, keep the prompts coming in. I am starting to fall in love with them. =D

KINKY/SEXY/SMUTTY LOVE (Draco/[profile] strawberrimelon) - strawberrimelon


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