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A few details about college so far:
  • I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I'm Indonesian and therefore exotic. My econs lecturer also winked at me (his eye was itchy) while answering my question. My reputation now is in the drains.
  • Lecture halls are so fucking cold. I almost froze my toes off. Literally. I'm going to bundle up tomorrow, I swear.
  • My roomie is MIA. I have two other house mates, one of whom I briefly -BRIEFLY- met, another one in my course too. We don't really have a lot of common ground so it's hard to talk?
  • I was so bored I watched Singaporean news in Chinese last night while eating M&Ms and drinking apple juice. Ha.
  • Classes are alright so far. But it's still weird not having friends. D:
  • My arms hurt so bad from lugging my books (which were really fucking expensive what gives?!) from the bookstore up to my room.
  • The security guard of my block is the bestest ever. I'm going to buy her coffee every morning. XD
  • The only Internet access I have is when I walk 5 minutes to the nearest McDonald outlet. Which isn't as bad as it could have been. But try sitting here and waiting for Sherlock to finish downloading. >.< 
  • SHERLOCK SHERLOCK SHERLOCK. Which isn't college news, but were you not expecting this? XD


Jan. 6th, 2012 11:47 pm
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So. My dad got me a MacBook Air as a "going away present" which made me all O.O since I didn't really think he was going to get it for me when I flippantly mentioned it. Now I can't even feel annoyed that he's kicking me out of the house because besides the MacBook, he also paid for my online purchases (which included two dresses, a top and a pair of shoes) without saying anything. =0

Also, my hall of residence's co-captain is a cutie. This is good.
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This is so me right now.
  • Waiting for my download for Revenge to finish is so excruciating. >.< Everyone has such awesome things to say about it on Twitter! Sure, they are mostly NOLAN NOLAN NOLAN, but I can understand that. XD
  • So, in a new turn of events (which my dad has only found it fitting to tell me today, through an email that he was kicking me out of the house), I shall be moving into the hall of residence of my college this weekend. D: I have not even packed yet, omfg. 
  • The only thing that is making me happy now is green tea. And Mika. And total silence at home. 
  • So, on Twitter last night, [personal profile] aredblush was tweeting an adorable plotbunny for a train station romance and, well. It was only inevitable. I was going to write something real quick, but it is now a thousand words in and still going nowhere towards the end. I am going to finish this before I move to my new ~home, though. Even if it kills me. #whatamidoing?
  • Someone rec me something sweet and romantic and cute and fluffy to read?
Hi, Flist! How have you guys been? =D
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  • Revenge omgwhat. HOW PERFECT IS NOLAN ROSS? He was my favourite after his first scene. =D I love his popped collars and his smirks and his general awesomeness. I sense a Nolan pic/gifspam coming up. I'm going to spend tonight catching up on the season. 8D I should have started a long time ago.
  • I have been speaking to this ex-senior of mine that I haven't spoken to in a long time. We had a really brief thing when I was in Singapore; went out for one horrible date and decided not to speak of it. He's having troubles that he doesn't want to elaborate on and I worry for him. =( 
  • I'm going to start posting the Christmas drabbles tomorrow. =D
  • I made cookies! The recipe said that it'd make 2 dozen, but I ended up with 70 odd cookies. XD It's a really good thing they taste delicious. My dad has already polished half a box. XD
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  • Attempted to bake cookies with Matt today. It ended up with us having a flour fight, Matt being a sappy sap and the cookies looking oddly out of shape. ♥ Cookies did not last long enough for me to take a picture. XD Making actual batch of cookies tomorrow with Laura since she was miffed that we all but chased her away so we could have time to ourselves.
  • Manicure session with Becks! ♥ I missed how I can make "guh/bleh/meh" sounds and she would totally understand what I am talking about. XD
  • Trying to write more of the Christmas drabbles I promised you guys. Advanced apologies if they end up being uber late. >.<
  • The last of the Christmas cards are going out tomorrow. [ profile] shiroi_ten, [ profile] crazyeverafter (I gave strict warnings to the post office people and said that I'd rip someone apart if this doesn't reach you XD) and [ profile] katie_andrew, I hope they reach you in time for Christmas!


Nov. 30th, 2011 06:51 am
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Quick drop in to say, today's paper is absolutely going to kill me. D: Please bring flowers to my funeral. I like flowers.

Also, for two nights now, at around seven o'clock-ish, LJ dies on me. D: Does this happen to anyone else or is this just life messing with me?

One more thing, [ profile] ladderax wrote BB!A/E BLANKET FORT FIC for me! 8D It's amazing, just the best thing ever. Oh my God, go leave her all the love in the world. ♥ Have I mentioned that I love the Inception fandom? Because I do. Because everyone is awesome and obviously made of sparkles. ♥♥♥
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My thread is here! Leave me a link to your thread and I'll see what I can do. =D

In other news, I met my first boyfriend ever today. I was expecting it to be really awkward and whatnot because we were together a long, long time ago and we didn't really talk much after we broke up but he was a gentleman and kinda sweet and funny and paid for my milkshake and cheesecake and even joked that I "ruined him for all other girls". XD I don't remember him being so nice. If he was, we mightn't have broken up? I jokingly said that to him and he said it was the air in Australia; it showed him the light. Heh, amusing fella. XD

Hi, Flist, hiiiiiii! How've you guys been?

this week

Nov. 19th, 2011 10:44 pm
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  • Week one of exams are over. I can breathe easier now. Phew. I thought I was going to suffocate and die at a lot of points. BUT I DIDN'T. So yay! XD
  • I started writing a few Christmas drabbles from the requests that I've gotten. Also wrote a bit more of NaNoWriMo because Reg wanted my help and because I so needed to procrastinate.
  • Grimm is awesome. Captain Renard is a total badass (and mad sexy when he's being badass) and I'm so intrigued by his involvement with the whole thing. =D I love how the episodes have been going. I like this week's episode a lot. =D
  • GLEE. SANTANA. WHAT. She broke my heart with all the angst etched onto her face. ♥ *hugs* Also, she needs to get all the solos. I'm pretty much in love with her by now.
  • in need of relationship advice )
Have a kissy!Joe, all of you. ♥



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