Dec. 31st, 2011 01:45 pm
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I planned to make a fancy post ending 2011, but my favourite cousins are back in town and we're watching Inception in a bit to end 2011. =D

As a whole, 2011 was more crappy than it was awesome, but heh, there were some fun times -debate, fun trips, all awesome cousins coming back- and really, I wouldn't call it a horrible year. I can definitely do with more awesomeness coming next year, though. But with TDKR and Avengers coming, I cannot see how it's not going to be an awesome year. XD

Have a brilliant end to 2011 and a great start to 2012, you guys! I love you the mostest. ♥

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Dec. 21st, 2011 01:18 pm
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 This is a backup journal for [livejournal.com profile] sarahyyy. I'll be transporting most of my fic here. And a few old entries. 

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii, Dreamwidth, hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! =D

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Okay, a lot of things under the cut is so very self-indulgent, so you can all just ignore a huge chunk of this post. XD All the links are clickable and lead to pretty pictures of ice creams. =D

Ice cream talk. )

Not going to lie, I'm going to be so bummed if this doesn't end up happening. And damn, now I want ice cream. What's your favourite type of ice cream, f-list?


This is almost inevitable. Here is an extract of the Ice Cream Parlour AU I will probably never end up writing based on the hypothetical ice cream parlour I will probably never end up opening:

I expect my day will be better after I eat that. )
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Got this from [profile] stardustii. Had fun giggling over it. You can also make your own hilarious drabble HERE.





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