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Now let me spam you with nail art ideas. =D Everything is taken from We Heart It, nothing belongs to me. If you see anything here that belongs to you and would prefer it not to be here, tell me and omgpleasedomynails.
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Tell me which is your fave! Or link me pictures. =D I'm getting a manicure done this weekend.
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Okay, this has been a long time coming and with that new Suits episode? WELL, YEAH. You guys know how I feel about guys in suits. And lawyer shows. And Gabriel Macht hit all of my kinks. ALL OF THEM. Jesus, what. How is he even real?!

(Disclaimer: None of the pictures/gifs in the post belongs to me.)


(Definitely image heavy. But so worth it, you guys. I drooled like a gazillion times posting this.)

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[Poll #1746405]

Alright. There. There wasn't much point to this post. Other than the fact that T-Hard is awesome. =D
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Okay, the semi-sort-of hiatus was a total fluke. I can't get off LJ it's not even fair. >.<

Ask me how I did for the first week of exams! Actually, scratch that, don't ask me shit about it. I'm going to pretend that I don't know that I did horribly for the second History paper because I procrastinated the whole of yesterday. In my defence, I don't remember ever having to read anything about a Vimana (which apparently according to Wikipedia has several meanings ranging from temple or palace to mythological flying machines WHAT EVEN) and therefore had no idea what I answered for that question. 


Let's have a mini picspam about braids instead, to cheer me up. Because if you don't know this yet, I have a thing for braids. I like the process of braiding my hair, I like getting it all wrong and undoing it and trying all over again. I like that it's so easy to braid someone else's hair but a total nuisance if you have to braid your own. I like it when my braids are messy, I like it when my braids are neatly gelled into place. I like it when the braid is funky and beaded and decorated with ribbons, I like them completely plain too. I would write sonnets to express my love for braids if I had the time to.
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Okay, so my plan to write a drabble a day was an epic failure. My Inception muse wouldn't talk to me; I still need to rewatch Fringe before I can get into the mood of writing Peter/Olivia. It's still so much easier to write HP but I figured that out a bit too late. XD Let's aim for something lower this time, like a post a day. That should be a bit more manageable. XD 

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I originally planned for top 10, but my honorary mentions lists piled up too high and I had too much free time, yeah. This picspam made me feel really bad about myself, honestly. I should stick to picspamming hot guys. XD

11-20 were originally from my honorary mentions and there were so many of them that I wanted to push up the list but gahhhhh, I love my top 10 a lot lot. It's mostly because I'm more into them at this time, I suppose. =D


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I told myself I was going to post a picspam this year before Christmas and bwahahaha guess who finally found the time to gawk at hot guys? YEAH. ME. So, I present to you...


Or, well, if we're going to pretend to be sophisticated and not-squee-ish... 


This is not going to be about how these amazing, amazing men have brilliant acting skills (they do) or how they have fantastic raw natural talent (they do) because my brain has no space for that at the moment, okay? I will come back with another, more... sophisticated post about talented actors. This post is just blatant squee on hot guys. XD 

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So what have we learnt from this picspam? 
1) Sarah has a thing for suits.
2) Sarah has a thing for accents.
3) Sarah has a thing for Inception-Men in general.
4) Sarah would love you if you sang.
5) Sarah wants to see your top ten too. =D

ETA for pimpage:
[ profile] crazyeverafter's version of the Hot List is here!


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