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  • 22 hours away from complete freedom and the world of no more Accounts ever. If I ever mention that I think I should ever dabble in accounting again, you guys have a free pass to whack me in the head and scream "DON'T DO IT, YOU IDIOT!" at me as loud as you can.
  • Harry Potter Auror Fest. Go claim some prompts and write me Auror Fic! I claimed the prompt: "It is a well-known fact that the tea and coffee in the Auror department is the worst in the entire Ministry" to write something light-hearted. Probably Scorpius/Rose. Or Draco/Hermione. We'll see. =D
  • I have all the things I want to write. And I shall do that tomorrow when Accounts is out of the picture. 8D
  • I want to picspam nail art. Must resist till tomorrow. Also, I really want this on my nails:

Alright, bbs, how have you been? =D
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My thread is here! Leave me a link to your thread and I'll see what I can do. =D

In other news, I met my first boyfriend ever today. I was expecting it to be really awkward and whatnot because we were together a long, long time ago and we didn't really talk much after we broke up but he was a gentleman and kinda sweet and funny and paid for my milkshake and cheesecake and even joked that I "ruined him for all other girls". XD I don't remember him being so nice. If he was, we mightn't have broken up? I jokingly said that to him and he said it was the air in Australia; it showed him the light. Heh, amusing fella. XD

Hi, Flist, hiiiiiii! How've you guys been?

this week

Nov. 19th, 2011 10:44 pm
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  • Week one of exams are over. I can breathe easier now. Phew. I thought I was going to suffocate and die at a lot of points. BUT I DIDN'T. So yay! XD
  • I started writing a few Christmas drabbles from the requests that I've gotten. Also wrote a bit more of NaNoWriMo because Reg wanted my help and because I so needed to procrastinate.
  • Grimm is awesome. Captain Renard is a total badass (and mad sexy when he's being badass) and I'm so intrigued by his involvement with the whole thing. =D I love how the episodes have been going. I like this week's episode a lot. =D
  • GLEE. SANTANA. WHAT. She broke my heart with all the angst etched onto her face. ♥ *hugs* Also, she needs to get all the solos. I'm pretty much in love with her by now.
  • in need of relationship advice )
Have a kissy!Joe, all of you. ♥

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Ok. So it's the final voting round on Dramione_Awards right now.

And it's going to end really soon.

And "Not Just A Typical Day" was nominated.

And I wrote it.

(So much for the subtlety...)

So would someone -anyone-, please, vote for me? You'd be my hero forever. 

You'd be the stars to my skies, the fingers to my hand, the CPU to my computer, the Draco to my Hermione, the Romeo to my Juliet...

And you get it. 

So please?

Pretty please with a cherry on top?


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