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YOU GUYS! It's Christmas in 4 days! How in the world did time pass so fast? 

I'm going to be in Myanmar for the next few days and so far the tour guide has been shady about internet access so I don't have much hopes on that. So, in the event that I don't see you guys before Christmas again...

And uh, to the people who I still owe drabbles to, I'm sorry, but they're going to be late! D: I'm posting hopefully two ficlets later, but even then there's still quite a few to go, so. >.< You can all whack me, I promise I won't call for help. Also, since your ficlets will be coming after Christmas, if you requested something Christmassy and want to change your prompts or something, I'm totally fine with it. Have a gif spam first, yes?

Summary of my Christmas. )

ETA: Also, I have a Dreamwidth account now in case fandom is migrating. >.< Add me if you have one and teach me how to feel not so lost there?
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Link me your threads and I will leave you love. =D   
Also, obviously when I said that I was going to post Christmas drabbles yesterday, I meant "hopefully sometime this week". Very vaguely so.
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Title: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.
Author: [personal profile] sarahyyy
Ship(s): Viktor/Pansy (O___O? Yes. Viktor Krum/Pansy Parkinson.)
Disclaimer: Don't own. I don't even own the plotline. That was all the amazing beta, [ profile] strawberrimelon.
For: [ profile] marmaladefever who gave me the prompt of "snowglobe". I had this done (and beta'd) earlier, actually. But being the very forgetful me, I assumed that I had posted it and it was until I was looking back at the posts on my LJ I realised. XD Sorry it took so long!
Word count: 832



There we have. The last of my drabbles. (Wow, Viktor/Pansy. Never thought I would have written it. I've really been branching out quite a lot through this Christmas drabble meme thingy.) And the last day on LJ unti the 22nd. =D

(And oh, Mana, if you see this post, leave me a pairing and a prompt. I need to write you something for Christmas. =DDD)

That blasted snowglobe. )


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Title: Greatest Time of Year
Author: [personal profile] sarahyyy
Ship(s): Scorpius/Rose
Disclaimer: Not mine in any way.
For: drcjsnider gave me the prompt of "stocking stuffers". Hope it's to your liking!
Word count: 409



Scorpius Malfoy, that was the worst proposal I've heard my whole life. )

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Title: All I Want For Christmas
Author: [personal profile] sarahyyy
Ship(s): Teddy/Victoire
Disclaimer: No.
For: [ profile] angelps_7 who gave me the prompt of "mistletoe". This drabble was an experiment, of sorts. Teddy/Victoire is the first, but definitely not the last for me.
Word count: 506



Oh yes, and the mistletoe just appeared out of no where on top of us. )
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Title: 'Tis The Season to be Jolly!
Author: [personal profile] sarahyyy
Ship(s): NONE. Malfoy gen fic
Disclaimer: No.
For: [ profile] happyville who gave me the prompt of "the malfoy family being happy on christmas eve". My muse spoke and this turned out to be longer than I originally planned. XD Hope it's to your liking!
Word count: 1095



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