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This is so me right now.
  • Waiting for my download for Revenge to finish is so excruciating. >.< Everyone has such awesome things to say about it on Twitter! Sure, they are mostly NOLAN NOLAN NOLAN, but I can understand that. XD
  • So, in a new turn of events (which my dad has only found it fitting to tell me today, through an email that he was kicking me out of the house), I shall be moving into the hall of residence of my college this weekend. D: I have not even packed yet, omfg. 
  • The only thing that is making me happy now is green tea. And Mika. And total silence at home. 
  • So, on Twitter last night, [personal profile] aredblush was tweeting an adorable plotbunny for a train station romance and, well. It was only inevitable. I was going to write something real quick, but it is now a thousand words in and still going nowhere towards the end. I am going to finish this before I move to my new ~home, though. Even if it kills me. #whatamidoing?
  • Someone rec me something sweet and romantic and cute and fluffy to read?
Hi, Flist! How have you guys been? =D

this week

Nov. 19th, 2011 10:44 pm
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  • Week one of exams are over. I can breathe easier now. Phew. I thought I was going to suffocate and die at a lot of points. BUT I DIDN'T. So yay! XD
  • I started writing a few Christmas drabbles from the requests that I've gotten. Also wrote a bit more of NaNoWriMo because Reg wanted my help and because I so needed to procrastinate.
  • Grimm is awesome. Captain Renard is a total badass (and mad sexy when he's being badass) and I'm so intrigued by his involvement with the whole thing. =D I love how the episodes have been going. I like this week's episode a lot. =D
  • GLEE. SANTANA. WHAT. She broke my heart with all the angst etched onto her face. ♥ *hugs* Also, she needs to get all the solos. I'm pretty much in love with her by now.
  • in need of relationship advice )
Have a kissy!Joe, all of you. ♥



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