Dec. 31st, 2011 01:45 pm
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I planned to make a fancy post ending 2011, but my favourite cousins are back in town and we're watching Inception in a bit to end 2011. =D

As a whole, 2011 was more crappy than it was awesome, but heh, there were some fun times -debate, fun trips, all awesome cousins coming back- and really, I wouldn't call it a horrible year. I can definitely do with more awesomeness coming next year, though. But with TDKR and Avengers coming, I cannot see how it's not going to be an awesome year. XD

Have a brilliant end to 2011 and a great start to 2012, you guys! I love you the mostest. ♥

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Now let me spam you with nail art ideas. =D Everything is taken from We Heart It, nothing belongs to me. If you see anything here that belongs to you and would prefer it not to be here, tell me and omgpleasedomynails.
Cut to save your f-page. XD )
Tell me which is your fave! Or link me pictures. =D I'm getting a manicure done this weekend.
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Okay, a lot of things under the cut is so very self-indulgent, so you can all just ignore a huge chunk of this post. XD All the links are clickable and lead to pretty pictures of ice creams. =D

Ice cream talk. )

Not going to lie, I'm going to be so bummed if this doesn't end up happening. And damn, now I want ice cream. What's your favourite type of ice cream, f-list?


This is almost inevitable. Here is an extract of the Ice Cream Parlour AU I will probably never end up writing based on the hypothetical ice cream parlour I will probably never end up opening:

I expect my day will be better after I eat that. )
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And came back with new flats (because my old flats went missing idk where they are >.<) and five new books. AHAHAHA. I don't even know if I have time to read. I wore my new flats everywhere today, though. XD [Poll #1767516]
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Okay, the semi-sort-of hiatus was a total fluke. I can't get off LJ it's not even fair. >.<

Ask me how I did for the first week of exams! Actually, scratch that, don't ask me shit about it. I'm going to pretend that I don't know that I did horribly for the second History paper because I procrastinated the whole of yesterday. In my defence, I don't remember ever having to read anything about a Vimana (which apparently according to Wikipedia has several meanings ranging from temple or palace to mythological flying machines WHAT EVEN) and therefore had no idea what I answered for that question. 


Let's have a mini picspam about braids instead, to cheer me up. Because if you don't know this yet, I have a thing for braids. I like the process of braiding my hair, I like getting it all wrong and undoing it and trying all over again. I like that it's so easy to braid someone else's hair but a total nuisance if you have to braid your own. I like it when my braids are messy, I like it when my braids are neatly gelled into place. I like it when the braid is funky and beaded and decorated with ribbons, I like them completely plain too. I would write sonnets to express my love for braids if I had the time to.
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