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I know I am so late, but just bear with me, okay? This isn't coherent or anything. But don't judge me. XD

So you found God. That's awesome. See, Mom kept calling out for him but he wasn't around. I guess Jesus was down at the mill forgiving all the drunks. )

I half the morning watching Warrior instead of studying and I don't regret anything because everything was glorious and you can't regret glorious stuff. Anyone who hasn't watched it yet and needs a streaming link, PM me. =D Those of you who have and know all the feelings I am feeling now, HOLD ME AND SOB WITH ME. ♥
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Okay. I've watched Merlin 4.01 twice now. I can now calmly make a squee post. There will be a lot of caps lock and a lot of italics. You have been warned. Spoilers under cut!

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I don't have much intelligent thought for it except for OMGWHAT. Why didn't I decide to watch it earlier?!

I'm just a boy from Brooklyn. )
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Let's talk Harry Potter.

After all these time? Always. ) 

The Post-Potter Depression hasn't hit me yet but I suspect when it does, it'll be pretty bad. =( How did you guys like Part II?
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Am back with more of the review We’re starting up page 275.

Major Breaking Dawn book two spoilers... )

And that sums up book two. Phew. As usual, go have your breaks. Toilet? Coffee? Pics of Robward?


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Alright. Everyone set? Book three. 


Major Breaking Dawn book three spoilers... )


Alright. That sums up part of book three. I SWEAR TOMORROW WILL BE THE END OF IT. I SWEAR! I'll have to go now. Need to get wood for my wood work and possibly backmail Ced into helping me out with part of the project. Make that Ced and Chris and Reg (*sighs* not Reg, he's got his own to fret about...).


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